Instructor Guides

Instructional Guides (broken down by Level and PO):

Level One:
PO101     PO102     PO103     PO104     PO105     PO106
PO107     PO108     PO111     PO120     PO121
PO129     PO140     PO160     PO170     PO190

Level Two:
PO201     PO202     PO203     PO204     PO205     PO206
PO207     PO208     PO211     PO230     PO231     PO232
PO240     PO260     PO270     PO290

Level Three:
PO301     PO302     PO303     PO304     PO305     PO306
PO307     PO308     PO309     PO311     PO320     PO331
PO336     PO337     PO340     PO360     PO370     PO390

Level Four:
PO401     PO402     PO403     PO404     PO405     PO406
PO407     PO408     PO409     PO420     PO429     PO431
PO432     PO436     PO437     PO440     PO460     PO470

Level Five:
PO501     PO503     PO504     PO507     PO509     PO530
PO540     PO560     PO570     PO590



Qualification and Standard Plans (with tests removed):

Good classes are a product of proper planning. If, as an instructor, you aren’t sure what is coming next, the cadets you are teaching are going to feel even more lost; material will surely be missed and the information will come across as disjointed. Creating a good lesson plan is the key to a great class!

The following is a template that you can use for preparing your lessons.

Training Aids/Resources Available

If you would like to request a training aid for your lesson, you must contact Lt Strom no later than the Wednesday prior to your class. Training aids are given out on a first come, first served basis. If you would like a training aid not listed, please contact Lt Strom to see if arrangements can be made.

Drill and Ceremonial
Aviation Maps (VNC, VTA)On Canadian WIngsMarkersLaptop x 2
Canadian Flight Supplement (CFS)Canadian Air Force – 100 Years of FlightPencil CrayonsProjector x 2
From the Ground UpHistorica MinutesConstruction paper / Printer PaperExtension Cords
Aviation Trivia GameHistorica Minutes – Military EditionGlue sticksPSRY Lessons
E6B Flight ComputersTapeMilitary Heritage Resource Kit
Air Command Weather ManualWhite outSpeakers
Assorted Aerospace Composite MaterialsPaper ClipsCadet Fitness Assessment
Cylinder Temperature GaugeGlitter Glue
Fuel GaugePencils / Pens