Annual Validations & Detailed Health Questionnaires are DUE:


Cadets that have not yet submitted their Annual Validation or Detailed Health Questionnaire must do so immediately.  Note that annual validations are only required for returning cadets.  Detailed Health Questionnaires are required for only specific cadets.  After November 30, 2023 cadets will not be able to participate in cadet activities outside the squadron or apply for things like summer courses if they do not have a valid annual validation or detailed health questionnaire.  If you are unsure if you have outstanding items, please speak to Lt Penner. 


    Cadet365 Accounts:


    Every cadet has been given Cadet365 Account.  This gives them full access to the Microsoft 365 suite, including an email address and Microsoft Teams.  Cadet365 is the primary method of communication to the cadets from both the squadron level and the regional level.  It is important that all cadets set up their account and check it regularly.  You can download the Microsoft Apps on your phone to get regular notifications on any updates. 

    All cadets have been given their login credentials.  They can set up their account using the onboarding instructions found at the following link:

    For a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Cadet 365 please see:

    If you are having issues accessing your Cadet365 account please speak to your Level Officer.  Any other questions about using your Cadet365 account can be directed to a senior cadet or squadron staff member.   



    CF One Cards


    CF One Cards are now available to cadets.  Follow this link for instructions on how to sign upCadet CFOne Card (1)