191 is proud to have received the Top Squadron in 2010, 2011, 2012 and again in 2014 for Winnipeg East. That says a lot for the group of people that we have!
The Royal Canadian Air Cadets are a Canadian national program for youths aged 12 to 18 years. Started in 1941 as a way to train young men for duties during World War II, today, or course, the cadet program is open to both males and females and the focus of cadets is on citizenship, leadership, physical fitness, general aviation and an understanding of the history of the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Armed Forces. Nationally, the Royal Canadian Air Cadets organization has a membership of approximately 26,000 in 450 squadrons across Canada

Our group of air cadets, 191 Squadron, has a long history as it is one of oldest Air Cadet Squadrons in Winnipeg and Canada, and was formed on November 11, 1942 and this year we are celebrating our 78th Anniversary. It has provided leadership and citizenship training to thousands of young people since it began. Today we have more than 100 young men and women (ages 12-19) who regularly report every Tuesday for 3 hours and for up to 6 hours on Sunday and at various other times depending on training schedules. These young people receive training in such activities as gliding, powered flight, biathlon, drill, citizenship and leadership and perform community services.

Few people are aware that enrollment in the Air Cadet Program and the training received there is free to both the cadet and their parents.