Warrant Officer First Class Ryan William Gilhooly is currently a cadet in 191 RCACS, being a long-time cadet, starting his journey on October 7, 2014, At the age of 12. Having currently the highest rank within 191 RCACS alone! And being in charge of leading the junior cadets. His interest in joining the Cadet program comes from his sister, who enjoyed the Cadet program a lot! Following the footsteps of his sister, he decided to give it a shot and ended up coming back every week for more! One of the many things he enjoys doing at 191 RCACS is to be part of the Biathlon team.

“Biathlon is a really fun sport to do, a combination of skiing and shooting. And I’ve made so many good memories through my experiences with it!”

The Cadet program in itself can teach and provide you with a handful of skills and knowledge that you can use in the real world for your own benefit! As Ryan used those skills to help him achieve the position and rank he has today and to enjoy the many opportunities the cadet program provides.

“Definitely leadership skills taught me how to become a leader by slowly pushing me out of my comfort zone until I became comfortable. Each time I was moved up I learned more new things, how to motivate a flight, how to get something done, how to talk to different kinds of people all with different types of motivation, etc.”

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